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Botnet Command & Control Data

Block bot communication and malicious processes

Bots Are Bad News

Botnets are powerful, versatile, and ubiquitous. They can quickly amass collective computing power to send large volumes of spam and malware, launch DDoS attacks, steal financial credentials, and exfiltrate business critical data at scale. By taking advantage of millions of network connected devices used by thousands of telecoms, ISPs, MSPs and other businesses, infected IoT devices and botnets can exploit unforeseen risks to your network security.

Data Breach, Brand Damage, and Unforeseen Costs.

Major manufacturers of IoT devices often fail to employ basic security measures against well-known and preventable security flaws – such as hard-coded login credentials. This means your devices may be insecure without your IT team realizing it. In the event that your business falls victim to data theft via botnets, legal recourse is often limited and recovering from a breach is both costly and time consuming.

Your business needs network level protection as your first line of defense against harmful botnets. Protect your network and your users with real-time botnet command and control threat data.

  • Identify infected devices within your own network
  • Prevent infected computers within your network from receiving malicious communications
  • Prevent malware infections and malware updates.
  • Prevent sensitive data from being sent from botnet nodes to C&C servers.
  • Disrupt communication with the C&C servers and neutralize botnet nodes within your network.

Complex Threats. Simple Solutions.

Botnet Command and Control Threats can be complicated, your security solution doesn’t have to be. Stop botnet command and control threats before they arrive and infiltrate your networks and keep your business and users protected. Keep it simple, identify the malicious communication, and stop it dead in its tracks.

Worried about cryptomining software running on your machines?

Yeah, we have threat data for that too.

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