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It takes years to make a reputation, and only a few minutes of cyber-incident can ruin it forever. With a mission to help businesses in keeping track of their data, and organizing the sea of data into readable pipelines, pipeline security came into existence in 2015.

We believe that most of the companies are unaware of their cyber-security features, and this is where we step into work. Serving multiple clients in Asia, Africa, and the Middle East, pipeline security sets off to provide a clear set of instructions regarding their security issues and the protection measures which are implanted to cope against any threat.

From ransomware to phishing sites, from hacking threats to data leakage suspicions, and from insider threats to all aspects of command and control, our agency is the one-stop-shop to all your security concerns. Our threat analysis is fortified by the Spamhaus Project, which is a well-established international organization that helps to detect spammers efficiently.

The pipeline security is a symbol of intelligence and innovation, and we are committed to serving businesses of several domains that range from medical sectors to industrial units, and from the Telecom industry to the ISP. We, as cyber-security leaders, aim to influence data security and provide readable analytics to companies across the globe.
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Each month, PIPELINE Security identifies thousands of phishing sites, Malware sites (command & control, credential drop sites, drive by download), fake Domains, Command & Control Servers, Botnets and more. We provide the best threat data in the industry, backed by The Spamhaus Project an international organisation, based in both London and Geneva, founded in 1998 to track email spammers and spam-related activity.
PIPELINE Security services protect clients online from threats including:
Command and Control
Insider threat
Our Team
Our team of global cyber security experts are continuously striving to raise and improve information security by offering solutions based on global standards and best practices.

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PIPELINE provides services for mission critical and information security systems at major Japanese banks, telecommunications, ISP`s, and large enterprises.

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