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Cyber Security Operations Center (SOC)

Identify Cyber Attacks and Gain Insights to Cyber Threats

Threat Correlation and Targeted Attacks

Threat correlation identifies new cyber threat insights by associating events from multiple data sources. There are many approaches to automating threat correlation and each has its benefits and drawbacks. At PIPELINE, we provide our customers with full access to cyber threat data which can be accessed via Rsync, API, or customized feeds for tighter integration.

Timing is Everything

Real-time threat detection and prevention is critical in today’s high paced threat landscape. Patches, software upgrades, batch processing, and other internal security operations delays can be exploited any day of the week. Our threat data integration will help businesses ensure online threat monitoring capabilities to identify, detect, and respond to cyber threats with maximum protect your business in real-time.

Integration correlation of your network data

To provide the best value and service to our clients, PIPELINE invests time and energy into building relationships with the best cyber talent. We have a unique understanding of our customers cyber security needs and have worked on various projects to help implement and build an intelligent cyber security operations center. We can help businesses with their security operation team needs by providing project consultants, security analysts, or security integration experts whom are experienced and credentialed and can focus on your internal projects.

We pride ourselves on in identifying the right qualified individuals saving our customers time, effort and money while dramatically reducing productivity gaps created by talent gaps. Our work isn’t done by simply providing you with cybersecurity consultantation. Our process requires that we ensure each member is capable of doing the job and the member is a good fit to your company culture.

We are in the business of helping world-class organizations implement the best cybersecurity services.

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