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Enterprise Threat Analytics

ThreatIDR – Identify, Detect, and Respond to Cyber Threats in Real-Time

Call For A Paradigm Shift in Cybersecurity
You won’t be sitting idle when under attack, would you?
Ironically, that’s what most businesses worldwide are doing and that too without even realizing it, leaving themselves susceptible to significant loss of finances, resources, and reputation.
Some Mind-boggling Facts
According to IBM, the average time in 2019 to identify a breach was 206 days and to contain 314 days. Plus, the average cost of a single data breach is estimated to be $3.92 million US dollars. Let this sink in.

In a hyper-connected world, businesses are increasingly finding themselves vulnerable to systemic and organized cyber attacks that are not only increasing in number but also severity as well.

To put things in perspective, the average number of security breaches is 145, an increase of 11% from the last year and 67% from the last five years, as highlighted by Accenture.
Time is of the Essence
Fighting cybercrime proactively instead of reactively is essential. Rapid identification, detection, and response is the need of the hour in this ever-changing cyber landscape.

That’s the only effective way of mitigating countless risks pertaining to malicious connections, phishing, malware, and other potential cyber threats.

Wondering how you can stay ahead of the curve?
Advanced Detection. Prompt Response.
Pipeline Security provides you with a comprehensive enterprise-wide real-time security solution tailored to your specific business in order to help you tackle all cybersecurity challenges.
|Detect Threats Pro-Actively
Using state of the art real-time threat monitoring system, identify threats instantly

From command and control botnet detection to cryptominer and cryptojacker detection, get it all in one tailored solution

Avoid false alarms and save resources by getting alerts only after suspicious activities are verified

|Respond Decisively
Waste no time by promptly responding to malware, APT’s, and
zero-day attacks

Eliminate even the most advanced threats with minimal hassle to
safeguard your digital assets

Categorize threats to prioritize efficient resource allocation and defend your
|Enhance Capabilities
Opt from a number of offerings to get the simplified, smart network security solution your business needs

Ensure end-to-end protection with on-demand enterprise solutions and augment security

Benefit from regular reporting 100% remote as well as easy to deploy custom solutions

What Makes Pipeline Security Stands Out

Our ThreatIDR solution instantly and efficiently detects, investigates, validates, and responds to threats, serving as an early warning system, providing huge cost savings and minimizing exposure to security threats and costly repercussions.

We find out what others miss due to the perfect combination of our machine learning as well as artificial intelligence-based solutions that work in tandem with our highly specialized security personnel who leave nothing to chance.

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