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Zero Reputation & Emerging Threats Protection

Defend against emerging & unknown domain threats

Unknown Unknowns

Not only known threats. Stop threats in the making with Zero Reputation Domain (ZRD) threat intelligence. ZRD policies provide protection against newly registered, low reputation domains before they can become active and used to launch cyberattacks. Stay ahead of your adversary and keep your business critical operations running.

The Zero reputation domains (ZRD) threat data is designed to counter cyber criminals who use newly registered domains to send malicious emails and redirect traffic to harmful websites hoping that users will fall victim before a domain has been blacklisted. Legitimate organizations will only in very rare cases activate a domain and start using it immediately after registration. Therefore the ZRD automatically adds newly-registered or recently activated domains temporarily to a blocklist.

Key Features

  • Automatically identify and add newly - registered domains to your database for 24 hours until you can be firmly confirmed that they are not associated with zero day attacks; phishing; spyware and ransomware campaigns.

Key Benefits

  • Protect your customers from receiving emails from new malicious domains.
  • Blocking malicious email traffic associated with recently registered Domains provides an extra layer of protection against malware, ransomware, business email compromise, and the true unknowns.
  • Easy to implement.
  • Zero Reputation and Emerging threat data-stream is continuously updated to provide consistent and real-time email protection.

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