DNS Defense

Millions of users, M2M updates & IoT devices rely on DNS to connect automatically to websites and domains. Our datafeeds provide protection against malicious domains used to install botnets, ransomware, and other malware.

Accurate, Actionable, Affordable

Our threat data covers over 5 million known bad domains used as malware dropper sites, malware hosting sites, malicious redirectors, botnet command and control servers and other malicious activity. All maintained at near zero false positive rates, so you’re protected from the bad guys without slowing down your business.

New Threats Need New Responses

Threats are always evolving. So are we.  Our data tackles the challenges of ever changing attack methods such as cryptomining operations and blocks other unwanted or insecure traffic such as TOR exit nodes, keeping your business safe from darkweb sites.

Unknown Unknowns (ZRD)     

Not only known threats. Stop threats in the making with Zero Reputation Domain (ZRD) threat intelligence. ZRD policies provide protection against newly registered, low reputation domains before they can become active and used to launch cyberattacks. Stay ahead of your adversary and keep your business critical operations running.

Trust But Verify

Better safe than sorry.  Even the best run networks can be abused – our datafeeds keep track of legitimate servers that have been compromised to send malware.  We also temporarily block IP ranges that have not yet been allocated by the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) or a delegated Regional Internet Registry (RIR). This reduces your exposure to IP ranges that haven’t been validated and could pose a threat to your network.

Threat Intelligence is Human Intelligence

All cyberthreats are created by humans.  As part of your security infrastructure your business needs human intelligence to stay on top of emerging threats. Empower your cybersecurity team with real-time threat data to provide you with actionable intelligence.

Metadata Matters

The devil is in the details and that’s what we provide.  We believe the value of threat intelligence is in the data itself.  That’s why we provide you with full access; allowing your business to develop the solution that it needs.

Our datasets contain IPs and domain ranges of known spammers, malware dropper sites (with over 5 million entries) and botnet infected machines (roughly 6-8 million entries) with peerless detection accuracy. However, security specialists know that the devil is in the details, and we’ve got them.  Our threatfeeds contain rich metadata values including:

  • IP

  • ASN

  • CIDR allocation

  • Country

  • Domain

  • Timestamp

  • Bot/Malware Name/Type

Different Strokes for Different Folks. We got you covered.

We provide threat intelligence for a variety of open source security solutions, including Snort, Zimbra, Graylog, Postfix, and many more.  See just how flexible and easy it can be to implement real-time threat intelligence as part of your existing security solutions. [LINK TO COMPATIBILITY MATRIX]