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Identify and Prevent Cyber Threats Now

Protecting businesses with real-time threat data, continuous monitoring, and, security analytics

Security Update

Phishing Attacks: Discover the methods hackers are using to infiltrate your business

Case Study

Learn how our customers successfully defend against cyberthreats across their network.

Latest News

Get updates on trending cyber threats or targeted industries and stay ahead of cyber attacks.

Our Products

Cyber Security Monitoring and Data Analytics Products.

Email Security

Simple and Effective Anti-Spam, Anti-Phishing and Anti-malware soltions for email threat protection.

Network Security

Network threat protection data helps businesses stay on top of their network security by reducing exposure.

Threat Intelligence

Defend yourself and your clients with real-time threat intelligence trusted by some of the world’s largest ISPs and telecoms.

Our Practices

Accessible, Accurate, Actionable Threat Data


We provide continuous data with the access methods you need. No strings attached, for email, dns, applications, or your own solutions.


Utilizing open & closed source data available in real-time, managed and maintained by a team of dedicated cyber crime fighters.


Make better decisions. Monitor and block malicious traffic from your network and keep your infrastructure clean and protected.

Our Commitment

Providing industry leading threat protection services that customers can rely on. We will give you the tools to prove it.

Trusted by leading companies across major industries including telecommunications, cloud services, enterprise businesses, and law enforcement agencies around the world.

Advantage of Using Threat Intelligence Data