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Phishing & Malicious URL Data

Detect and block phishing and malicious link

Identify and Prevent Malicious Links

Phishing and malicious URL threats are complicated. Today’s cyber criminals research, build machine learning, and utilize the same AI technologies used by security companies to plan and build their phishing campaigns. our solution doesn’t have to be. Stop threats before they arrive and keep your business email protected. Simple.

92.4%* (according to Verizon’s 2018 Data Breach Investigations Report) of all malware is deployed via email, however on average users only reported 17% of phishing campaigns. That means users often don’t recognize and don’t report phishing emails, leaving your business exposed to fraud, malware, and other threats.

Helping your SOC Identify Phishing and Malicious URL Threats

Every day your SOC is working to identify the growing number of cyber threats. This usually includes monitoring of a vast number of systems. Identifying real threats and the alerts associated to them. Containing and stopping compromised systems and ensuring the threats to the business are fully managed. Our phishing and malicious URL data will help your security analysts identify phishing and malicious URLs to protect your employees and IT systems.

Benefits to using Phishing and Malicious URL Data

Our automatic security rules will help you to block all malicious communication going in and out from any known botnet command and control servers. We will help neutralize any infected botnet devices within your network and stop any data egress.

Increase security analyst productivity

Phishing URL data will reduce the number of alerts and false positives analysts need to process.

Detection of zero-day and phishing attacks

Phishing URL and Malicious Link Data will allow analysts to detect new phishing attacks, allowing you to block new threats before your users click on them.

Universal anti-phishing defense

Threat identification allows you to instantly identify phishing URLs and trigger automated workflows to block access across your entire network (email, web, etc.).

Real-time threat intelligence data

Phishing and Malicious URL Threat Data helps to protect businesses worldwide including industry leading ISP’s, OEM, and enterprise businesses.

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