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Authentication & Login Abuse Data

Identify and prevent compromised accounts

Protecting the keys to the kingdom

In the growing age of everything digital, ensuring that your clients’ accounts, customer information, and privacy related data is secure is a priority business requirement. Brute force attacks were first reported in 2011 and today cyber criminals are utilizing automation tools, brute force methods, and fraud botnets to get into customer networks through logins, forms, and other access portals. This makes for an extremely difficult fight for businesses to protect their digital assets from automated authentication and login abuse. Authentication and login abuse is now a very real threat for not only major service providers but for businesses with website portals or customer facing login mechanisms. Authentication, login abuse, and password spraying attacks are growing to over 250,000 compromised accounts per month on a global basis.

By implementing the authentication and login abuse threat data, you can prevent these types of automated brute force and login attacks which will help protect your business against possible fraud, data leakage, and potential privacy data exfiltration. With the authentication and login abuse data, you can block malicious traffic from accessing your submissions, login forms, and other ecommerce or business related pages. Less abuse also means less calls to your helpdesk and lower operating costs. The fraud and login abuse threat data can provide valuable data to better understand and protect your customers from this growing problem.

The authentication and login abuse data includes IPs that have been observed, or that are highly suspected, of performing brute force, fraud botnets, and other malicious activities to logins, forms, and online sign up forms.

  • Identify and prevent malware and malicious bots and malicious bots
  • Protect against servers hosting botnet malware spoofing MSA connections.
  • Prevent automated attacks used to compromise user account logins and passwords.

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