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Threat Intelligence

Better Threat Data Means Better Cyber Threat Intelligence

We identify cyber threats and help you respond fast when things are go wrong.

Gain access to threat data utilized by industry leading businesses via via cloud query, api, and full access database downloads. We’re committed to providing industry proven quality threat data that customers can rely on to build valuable threat protection products and services.

Highly-specific Datasets

Classified Threat Data for DNS, Email Gateways, or an ISP/ Telecom that needs threat intelligence data.

Flexible Data Integrations

Our Data can be easily integrated with your existing hardware and software security solutions.

Instant Threat Mitigation

Empowering your cybersecurity team with threat data and actionable threat intelligence.

Low Cost

Reduce running costs by removing the need for expensive software and block thousands of malicious connections.

Real time

Get real-time threat updates with no waiting on batch processing or synchronization delays.

Cyber Threat Intelligence Data

All cyberthreats are created by humans. As part of your security infra structure your business needs human intelligence to stay on top of emerging and unknown cyber threats. Allow us to do the research and let us empower your cybersecurity team with real – time threat data to provide you with actionable threat intelligence data .

Authentication & Login Abuse Data

Block automated brute force and login attacks and protect your business against fraud.

Botnet Command & Control Data

Stop botnet command and control threats before they arrive and infiltrate your networks and keep your business and users protected.

Phishing & Malicious URL Data

Helping your security analysts identify phishing and malicious URLs to protect your employees and IT systems.

How to get the best from Spamhaus threat intelligence.

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