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ThreatIDR – Real-Time Threat Monitoring

Identify, Detect, and Respond to Cyber threats in real-time

Detect incidents and respond

Reduce running costs by removing the need to hire internal security personnel focused on researching your businesses cyber threats. We will help you to block malicious connections, malware, phishing, and other potential cyber threats. Our ThreatIDR Solution will also provide with clear details on specific threats, such as infected IoT devices, computers with malware, cryptojacker related malicious activities, or botnet activities. Cyber criminals, IoT devices, and automation threaten users everyday and the number of threats is on the rise. Let us provide you with a cybersecurity strategy that is simple, easy to understand, and provides your business with real-time protection.

Timing is Everything.

Real-time threat detection and prevention is critical in today’s high paced threat landscape. No more waiting on patch upgrades, batch processing, or internal security operations delays. We ensure your security teams and business will receive the threat information.

  • Simplified security monitoring
  • Real-time Threat Monitoring & Alerts
  • Real-time Threat Detection & Prevention
  • Real-time data correlation to identify cyber threats
  • Malicious Activity and Indicators of Compromise (IOC) Reports
  • Command & Control Botnet Detection & Protection
  • Malware & Malicious Domains Protection
  • Cryptominer & Cryptojacker Detection & Protection
  • Zero Reputation & Unknown Domains Protection
  • Criminal Networks Protection
  • Proactively block malicious threats
  • Actively monitor for cyber threats
  • Available On-Premise, Cloud, and Hybrid Solutions
  • Daily, monthly, and customized reports
  • Self-service and Full managed service options

Cost is Everything Else

Reduce running costs by removing the need for additional staff and expensive software. Detect and block thousands of malicious connections that threaten users everyday. ThreatIDR can be configured to fit your business requirements and costs.

Our ThreatIDR solution will provide you with a real-time incident and response team giving you a highly effective layer of security without adding complexity to your security management.

Giving you the tools and services to protect your business in real-time.

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