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Data Analytics & Classification

Uncover Potential Cyber Threats

Security Data Analysis & Processing

We help process and analyze your data to provide businesses with valuable insights for security & compliance.

Engaging with your customers online via web, social media and mobile apps has become a necessity for all modern businesses. This digital presence and availability across various channels increase your customer engagement but also your overall exposure. Cyber criminals not only send malicious communications, they also hijack brands to infect or take advantage of businesses. We help uncover the clues in your data to better protect you and your business from the unknown threats.

Complex Threats. Simple Solutions

Online Threats can be complicated, your data analysis and processing doesn’t have to be. Identify phishing domains, spoof domains, and hijacked domains to stop threats before your business sustains damage. We can help protect against brand fraud, account takeovers, online hijacking attempts, and more by making your data work for you.

Protecting your digital assets

Dig deeper into your data and discover possible trademark and copyright abuses, traffic diversion, and other misuse of your brand online. Many times these misuses are subtle and undetectable with manual searching. Instead of having your team manually search for these abuses of your brand name, our technology and expert analysts will find and review them based on your priorities, saving you time, money and precious people power.

  • Protect your digital assets from misuse
  • Receive domain alerts and track daily anomolies
  • Monitor your data and prevent wide spread damage
  • Eliminate unauthorized or objectionable access to your network.
  • Protect your customers from fraud and online scams.

Monitor your brand

We will help to monitor your brand and alert you of any potential threats that may cause downtime of your business email, ecommerce websites, or corporate online identity. Our Security Analysts will help you to monitor and provide timely analysis of your online brand.

Our data analysis & processing solution will help your business monitor your business for possible threats, as well as discover possible attacker attempts to your business across IP, Domains, and more.

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