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Law Enforcement & CERT

Helping Law Enforcement and CERTS take the fight to cybercriminals


Keeping tabs on the growing cyber threats is a daunting task. For years, law enforcement and CERTS have tried to keep up with identifying potential cyber threats. The task is enormous and it’s a whole new world going from the physical to the digital space. The volume of new cyber threats is sophisticated and significant so the question arises: How can law enforcement and CERTS keep up with the growing threats?

Law Enforcement & CERT Portal

Everyone needs security. Get access to a cyber security portal built specifically for law enforcement agencies and CERTS at zero cost. Stopping cyberthreats ultimately means stopping the people responsible for creating them. That’s why we provide data sharing and portal access to Law Enforcement agencies around the globe. Our real-time threat intelligence helps law enforcement officials take action against cybercriminal organizations.

**Qualified Law Enforcement Agencies and CERTs can gain access to the Law Enforcement Portal.

What’s in the portal?

Evidence records that may include sensitive personal information or evidence of online criminal activities.

Information about malware infected computers (bots) within a CERT/CSIRT area of responsibility

Working with CERTs & CSIRTs in Africa, Asia-Pacific, and the Middle East

We coordinate with Computer Emergency Response Teams (CERTs) and Computer Security Incident Response Team (CSIRTs) with a national or regional responsibility to protect their critical infrastructure and IP address space from cyberthreat to create better standards and security practices for other public agencies and raise awareness about emerging threats. Our commitment doesn`t end simply by providing tools to make a safer internet. We work and cooperate with regional CERT authorities to help craft more comprehensive and adaptive cybersecurity services for private and public industries alike.

Threat Intelligence is Human Intelligence

All cyberthreats are created by humans. As part of your security infrastructure your business needs human intelligence to stay on top of emerging threats. Empower your cybersecurity team with real-time threat data to provide you with actionable intelligence.

The threat landscape is complex and constantly changing – thankfully so is our response.

Helping to protect the internet.

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