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ISP, Telecom, & Service Operators

Build new cyber security products and services

Infected devices and the Internet of Things

Today there are hundreds of thousands of devices and the Internet of Things (IoT) devices are in homes worldwide. These include products such as webcams, smart home devices, personal health monitors, home appliances, drones, routers and much more. The future of our lives looks to be full of hardware and software products which can transmit data and be controlled over the Internet. Cyber Criminals target these devices as they are usually mass produced with little or no security protection in mind. Our cyber threat data can help provide new security services to help protect their connected customers and devices.

Sanitize your network

You either know your network is compromised or you’re unaware your network is compromised. From an operators perspective, getting a full view of the network is almost an impossible task and usually involves accumulating various network logs and doing heavy post data correlation. Operators can take advantage of our infected devices data or our botnet command and control data to track any malicious communications coming to and from their networks. It’s like receiving a map of all the threats seen from around the world. Cybercrime happens so simplify your tracking and sanitize your own networks.

BYO Build your own

Are you looking to build your own security solution? Want to build a new security product? Are you interested adding value add services to thousands of machines or users?

Sounds great. We’re here to help you build a better security platform, service, or product with real-time threat data.

We provide rsync access to the entire dataset for qualified OEM customers. We want to help you build a safer internet with real-time threat intelligence.

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