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IPS/IDS Automated Protection

Automatically protect against Botnet Command & Control and Malicious Networks

Security rules need to be simple

There are always lots of things to consider when implementing an IPS/IDS. What is the correct setup? Do we have the right configuration? Are the security rules and/or policies really effective? Each IDS/IPS, firewall, next generation firewall or other security device each has their own proprietary setup and can get confusing for customers to truly understand what they need to configure on their device. When it all started, we had a few ports or rules to configure and everything was hunky dory. Nowadays, configurations need to be thoroughly checked with periodic updates and configurations and/or integrations can get super complicated and piecing things together just won’t work.

Protect against the worst of the worst

Our automatic IDS/IPS SNORT updates consist of netblocks that are “hijacked” or leased by professional spam or cyber-crime operations used for dissemination of malware, trojan downloaders, botnet controllers. We help you protect against the bad guys by identifying the threats and sending the automatic updates straight to your system.

Inbound & Outbound Threats

Our automatic security rules will help you to block all malicious communication going in and out from any known botnet command and control servers. We will help neutralize any infected botnet devices within your network and stop any data egress.

Identify All network Command & Control Threats

Botnets are powerful, versatile, and ubiquitous. They can quickly amass collective computing power to send large volumes of spam and malware, launch DDoS attacks, and steal financial credentials and other business critical data at scale. That’s why your business needs network level protection as your first line of defense against harmful botnets. Protect your network and your users with real-time threat intelligence,

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