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DNS Firewall & Response Policy Zones

Stop Malicious Websites and internet domains

DNS Defense

Millions of users, M2M updates & IoT devices rely on DNS to connect automatically to online services, websites, domains, and much more. Just add real-time threat data to enable your dns servers to provide protection against malicious domains used by botnets, phishing, ransomware, malware, and malicious communications.

Cybercriminals gain a foothold in the corporate network by sending phishing or malware infected emails. If users click on malicious links within phishing emails and download malware or ransomware it allows cybercriminals to take advantage of businesses in a number of ways.

  • Steal business data and intellectual property
  • Alter or encrypt data for financial gain
  • Install spyware; or add computers to botnets
  • Compromise the entire corporate network

DNS is a critical point for all devices in your network and is a must to communicate to the outside world. It is a logical choice to put security measures to check if a domain is “clean” or “dirty.”

What benefits will we get
with DNS Firewall?

  • Add an additional layer of security with dynamic threat intelligence at the “choke-point” of the network.
  • Agentless and Real-time auto-updates.
  • Uses a secure and fast zone transfer technologies to pull the latest threat data and make your DNS Security Smart.
  • Protect your network from malware, phishing, spam, abuse, and botnets.

How do I deploy DNS Firewall?

DNS Firewall uses respons policy zones (RPZ) which is native in several of the industry’s leading DNS platforms and appliances, including:

  • BIND V9 (or greater)
  • Power DNS
  • Unbound
  • Infoblox
  • Efficient IP
  • BlueCat

Our technical team can also assist with setup, implementation, and customizations. Feel free to contact us to learn more about the DNS Firewall & Response Policy Zones. 

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