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BGP Firewall & Botnet C&C Protection

Block sophisticated botnet command & control traffic


The BGP firewall contains several cyber threat data sources of IPs that deliver intelligence on botnet controllers and bots on the Internet.

The BGP firewall is a critical part of an in-depth, multilayered network defense strategy.
BGP firewall prevents any communication between the network devices and the IPs on the botnet command and control list. Botnet operators are therefore unable to contact any infected devices (bots) on the network. This helps protect businesses from data exfiltration, theft of data, and prevents botnet operators to commit other cyber crimes.

While no solution provides 100% protection, the BGP Firewall will help businesses protect against bots, command & control, and infected devices.

Key Features

  • Detect and block IPs belonging to servers that host botnet command and control (C&C) nodes. Blocking connections to C&C nodes prevents botnets from contacting infected computers (bots). While the infection is still present, the bot is rendered harmless.
  • Protect against networks owned and operated by cybercriminals. Block networks known to host malicious websites, send malware and engage in other types of criminal activity.

Key Benefits

  • Stop malicious traffic at your network’s edge.
  • Block network traffic to and from known botnet C&Cs and IPs that engage in malicious activity.
  • Block IPs controlled by malware and bots.
  • Prevent communication by infected mobile devices and computers on your network.

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