ISP, Telecom, and Service Operators
ISP, Telecom, and Service Operators

Undeniable Reality
Let’s be honest. Regardless of how much you invest in the ‘new’ technologically advanced cybersecurity products as well as services and no matter how many precautions you take or layers of security you add, you will become a victim of cyber attacks at one time or another.
Modern Cyber security Threats
You either know your network is compromised or you’re unaware your network is compromised. From an operators perspective, getting a full view of the network is almost an impossible task and usually involves accumulating various network logs and doing heavy post data correlation. Operators can take advantage of our infected devices data or our botnet command and control data to track any malicious communications coming to and from their networks. It’s like receiving a map of all the threats seen from around the world. Cybercrime happens so simplify your tracking and sanitize your own networks.
No One-Size-Fits-All Cyber Security Solution
There are no cybersecurity products or services that can safeguard you from all threats all the time and address all your business’ security needs. The sooner you accept it, and the faster you start working towards an alternate strategy, the better it will be for you and your organization.
The Way Forward
To ensure cyber resilience – ensuring that regardless of the cyber threats you are facing and the cyber events that occur your business will continue to operate seamlessly without any disruption – you need to invest in bespoke cybersecurity products and services.

Wondering where exactly you can get custom security solutions for your business?
Pipeline Security To The Rescue
Pipeline Security can build for you a better security platform, service, or product with real-time threat data that can completely protect your business even from the most sophisticated cyber-attacks.
|Add Value Added Security Features of Your Choice
Protect your business from even the most advanced attacks using state of the art threat detection embed into your custom products

Benefit from flexibility and adaptability: pick and choose what features you want to add when and where

Eliminate the loopholes and narrow down the security gap in your network, systems, devices, processes, and products
|Sanitize Your Network
Get a complete view of the network by accumulating various network logs and doing heavy post data correlation

Get Rsync access to the entire dataset for qualified OEM customers

Identify the weaknesses and point of attacks using threat intelligence and equip yourself for proactive as well as a decisive response
|Get The Best: Highly Effective Products and Foolproof Security
Avail user-friendly, feature-rich, and highly secure solutions that are tailor-made for your business needs

Get seamless interoperability across multiple systems and devices via cloud-based solutions

Boost performance and reliability while completely adhering to industry standards and protocols

Build Cyber Resilience With Pipeline Security

Each organization is unique in terms of its vulnerabilities and security solutions it needs. Off-the-shelf products and services can mitigate risks to an extent, but that’s about it.

If you want to protect your business under all circumstances, then it’s about time you invest in building your own cyber products and services.

Pipeline Security can help you do just that and more.
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