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Blacklist Monitoring & Brand Protection

Our security analysts are available on a half-time or full-time basis to help your team analyze and use the threat intelligence data that we provide. Our analysts are skilled at turning data into actionable threat intelligence to protect you from the growing online cyber threats.

Service Overview

We will help to monitor your domains and alert you of any potential blacklisting that may cause downtime of your business email, ecommerce websites, or corporate online identity.

Brand Protection

Our Brand Protection looks to find trademark and copyright abuses, traffic diversion, and other misuse of your brand online. Many times these misuses are subtle and undetectable with manual searching. Instead of having your team manually search for these abuses of your intellectual property, our technology and expert analysts will find and review them based on your priorities, saving you time, money and precious people power.

  • Protect your brand from misuse.
  • Receive domain alerts and track daily global domain name registrations.
  • Monitor you DNS activity to prevent hijacking or spoofing attacks.
  • Eliminate unauthorized or objectionable brand usage.
  • Protect your customers from brand fraud and online scams.

Our Security Analysts will help you to monitor and provide analysis of your online brand.

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