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Threat Intelligence

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Trusted by industry leading businesses

“Full Access” means more for our customers than just unfet-tered access to our threat data. It means access to one of the leading threat data sources updated in real-time and pro-vided to customers around globe via cloud query, am, and full access database download, Were committed to providing industry proven quality threat data that customers can rely on to build valuable threat protection products and services —we will give you the tools to prove it.

Cost is Everything Else (Cost matters too)

Reduce running costs by removing the need for software and block thousands of malicious connections that threaten users everyday. Plus, our datasets can be configured on demand, meaning telecoms, ISPs, and MSPs can offer customers a highly effective layer of security without requiring any addi-tional equipment.

Highly-specific Datasets. Flexible Data Integrations.
Instant Threat Mitigation

Timing is Everything

Get real-time threat updates with no waiting on batch pro-cessing or synchronization delays. Achieved by 90+ global mirrors with intelligent routing of queries based on geoloca-non ensure timely and uninterrupted service.

Better Threat Data Means Better Threat Intelligence

Whether your a researcher looking for a Passive DNSre-al-time threat database, a network administrator securing your DNS or Mail servers, or an ISP/Telecom that needs threat intelligence data to protect your users – we provide threat data to keep your business secure.

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