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Anti-Spam & Malicious IP Protection

Prevent spam and unsolicited email messages

Inbox Protection for your Business

54.6%. That’s how much of the world’s email is spam* (according to Symantec’s 2018 Internet Security Threat Report) On top of this, the average user receives 16 malicious spam emails per month. For a small business with 20 employees, that means avoiding phishing and other spam campaigns 320 times a month, by ensuring workers carefully scrutinize each email. That means dodging thousands of potential redirects to malware infected sites, botnets, and other malicious activities that can compromise your business – every single year. What about enterprise? What if your company has 1,000 employees or 10,000? The numbers add up quickly and a single click can spell disaster. You need to even the odds.

Our email content filtering threat data can be easily added to your existing email gateways and improve and maximize your email security effectively and easily.

What types of threat data?

The Anti-Spam & Malicious IP Protection contains the following threat data:

  • Stop massive volumes of phishing, fraud, and other types of criminal spam. The Anti-spam & Malicious IP data contains IP addresses that send spam, host spam-advertised websites, provide DNS service to spammer-owned domains or provide other services to spam enterprises.
  • Stop annoying spam from affiliate marketers who send their email from large numbers of static IP addresses. Prevent direct spam, mostly known as snowshoe spam.
  • Discover and block IP addresses of computers that are infected by malware and have been observed sending spam or malware-generated spam activity.
  • Stop the massive volumes of criminal spam. Contains IP addresses that should not send unauthenticated SMTP email directly to other mailservers.

The anti-spam & malicious IP database updates its lists within minutes of detecting spam and provides customers with updates in near real-time.

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