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DNS RPZ : Secure Network from threats Inside

APNIC presents – Networking from Home

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NOGs are really important. But with COVID-19 restrictions around the region, NOG meetings have been unfortunately cancelled or postponed.

Networking from Home is a new virtual event initiative to provide a place for network engineers and technical folk in the Asia Pacific to share their experience and expertise with their peers, just like they would at a NOG event.

There will be four online events, each held in the time zones of South East Asia, South Asia, East Asia and Oceania, and everyone is welcome. Presentations will be short and punchy, and each event will be a digestible 2.5 hours long. Check out the various events schedule here.

Our very own Suman Saha will be presenting –

DNS RPZ : Secure Network from threats Inside

Every request to internet domains start with a DNS query. Malicious traffic also use DNS resolvers to contact with malicious destinations. If we can build our DNS infrastructure threat aware, we can implement a layer of security in our network using DNS ecosystem. In my presentation I’ve mentioned some data points that I’ve got from implementation.

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