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PIPELINE offers a wide variety of IOC feeds for commercial and research purposes. We provide businesses with a source of verified and actionable data that will prevent malicious communications to online threats such as botnets and command and control (C2) servers, malware infections and the transmission of compromised data and much more.

Simply put, is an open specification that enables DNS administrators to selectively block DNS resolution of sites - including sites that can harm your network and your users.  For example, let’s say a customer receives a spam email link which resolves to a site hosting malware.  With  RPZ, the site’s domain or host name of can be blocked from resolving the bad address.  Further, RPZ can be easily configured to providing a warning to customers, to raise awareness to threats and encourage safe-browsing habits.

We’re dedicated to helping the public sector stop cybercrime and provide special access to our threat data for law enforcement officials and CERT teams around the world.  We’re committed to building a safer more secure internet and that means sharing data and intelligence to crackdown on cybercriminals.

Are you a threat hunter or cybersecurity researcher? Looking for DNS data for digital brand protection and identifying spoofed or malicious domains?  Need data integration for a SIEM solution or as part of data analytics tools?  We’ve got just the thing.  Our passive DNS data portal gives researchers, analysts, and security experts valuable tools to gain a better understanding of the threat landscape and help build better security solutions.